Framus Museum

After a comprehensive building renovation with an end-to-end preservation of the historical substance, the visitors are greeted with more than 200 Instruments from the Framus factory production between 1946 and the end seventies. From the classical violin, the Attila Zoller guitars, to the legendary Star Bass, the Framus museum collection shows a unique variety for a German instrument manufacturer. As a precursor to the industrial guitar production in Europe, Framus stood for an array of innovations and developments that still endure and are relevant to this day. Some of these technical innovations are displayed in the museum and provide an important insight into a piece of German instrument manufacturing history.

The Beginning

"Built in the Heart of Bavaria" - Framus biggest exports had this addition on the body"s nameplate for decades when leaving the factory located in the Frankish town of Bubenreuth. But Framus doesn´t play a role there anymore: the renowned company filed for bankruptcy in the mid seventies and today almost nothing remains of the once biggest European guitar factory that stood in this vocal village from the Erlangen district for many decades.

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Museum tour

Guitars and Basses! Jazz, Rock and Pop History! Discover the world of Framus!

Below you can take a virtual tour of the Framus Museum in Markneukirchen, Germany. More than 200 instruments are waiting for you - from violins to electric basses and mandolins to banjos. Legendary names such as Attila Zoller, Bill Wyman and John Lennon appear throughout the museum - their own personal histories intertwined with that of Framus. Take a journey through time and discover the history of Framus.

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of the Brehmer Villa

The building has been in a long sleep for about 10 years. Since the last tenant moved out the villa remained unoccupied and thus became a victim of deterioration. Rainfall and vacancy created considerable damage to the building. By securing the roof bigger damages were avoided.

Extensive talks with the executive construction company are currently in place. Important decisions have to be made in terms of the interior. After the restoration of the historical inventory an extensive picture documentation is under way before construction of the interior and exterior begins.

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Currently the museum is closed until further notice, there are no registrations for guided tours possible.

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