In The Spotlight

The following artists and / or bands played Framus instruments in the 50s, 60s and 70s. We look forward to further information and photos on the subject!
acoustic guitar

60s 70s; Salvatore Adamo, *1943 in Comiso, Sicily, an Italian musician, songwriter, pop singer that grew up in Belgium.

Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano (*January 6th 1938 in Milan), singer, actor, TV-moderator and world-famous Italian bard, started his career in the 50s as a comedian. Made some noise in Italian RAI network as a host in politics.

Alan Weighell
Alfred Schittler
electric guitar


music publisher & musician
Alpski Quintett

nicknamed “Die Alpen-Oberkrainer“

Andreas Scheer
Andy Bown

The Herd, Judas Jump, Storyteller, Status Quo, Pink Floyd

The highly talented multi-instrumentalist Andy Bown (*1947) played in many bands: he was a keyboard player and guitar player with Tim Hardin, with the bands The Preachers, The Herd (with Peter Frampton), Status Quo and Pink Floyd. He played on 'The Wall' alongside guitarist Snowy White at the live performace.

Andy Summers
electric guitar

The Police

Born 1942 in Lancashire, England, the guitarist was already very active even before The Police (with Sting and Stewart Copeland); Andy Summers worked among others with The Animals, Soft Machine, Robert Fripp and Eberhard Schoener.

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith’s album “Guitar Boogie“ (MGM Records) shows him on the cover with a Framus guitar.

Attila Zoller
prototype, Attila Zoller, AZ-10

soloist & bandleader

*1927 +1998. Most famous jazz guitarist of the Frankfurt scene in 50s. Please refer to ....artist
Barre Phillips
double bass

Bassist, composer and improviser, born 1934 in San Francisco. Lived in the south of France till 1972 and played with various musicians, from Leonard Bernstein and Derek Bailey to Ornette Coleman.

Ben Jordan

Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers

Ben Jordan was an original member of the British skiffle band Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers, ca. 1957.

Ben Steneker

Ben Steneker is one of the pioneers of Dutch country music and in the business for more than 3 decades. Known in the traditional old country scene.
Bernd Apitz
electric/acoustic guitar12-string acoustic guitar, BL, archtop

*1946 in Dresden. Came to Germany in 1961 won a big talent competition in 1966 and played in beat bands. Worked as a DJ, MC and male model in fashion shows since 1967. Hits: “Deine himmelblauen Augen” , “Laß mich nie allein”, “Der Mondschein schien schon schön”, “Man kann nicht alle Mädchen küssen”, “Alle Mädchen”, “Oh, oh, Valentine”
Bery Renato Quintett
electric guitar, Television, Strato Bass, Triumphbass
Bill Boyd
Bill Wyman
electric bass, Star Bass

The Rolling Stones

Former bassist of the Rolling Stones (*as William George Perks on October 24th 1936). Please refer to ....artist
Billy Lee Janey
Billy Lorento
electric guitar, various of his own BL models

*1931 in Wahn-Heide near Cologne as Willi Lorenz Stich. Please refer to ....artist
Bob Carlin
Bob Daisley
electric bass

British electric bassist, played among others with Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Chicken Shack, Ozzy Osbourne and Widowmaker

Bobby Lewis
Brian Dunn
electric guitar, thinline models

The Wildcats

Brian Gregg

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Bruce Welch
electric guitar

The Shadows

*1941 Bruce Welch was already the rhythm guitar equivalent of Hank Marvin in the late 50s. And together with the Shadows they were superstars of British pop.

Buddy&the Ravens

Harold Krämer from Siegen, he was in the 60is the guitarist from this German Beat band

Cees Schone
Star Bass

Rob Hoeke`s Band

still playing today

Charles Mingus
double bass, electric upright

*1922 †1979 Mingus was probably the most important bandleader, composer and instrumentalist on double bass of 60s and 70s jazz. His tune “Good Bye Pork Pie Hat” became a hit also for many rock and pop musicians.

Christian Anders


Christopher Und Michael

60s 70s; the duo played among others a German version of the Barry McGuire hit “Eve Of Destruction” entitled: “Wir sind am Ende’

Coco Schumann
electric guitar, AZ-10

German swing guitarist who was very active in the 40s and 50s and then again in the 90s.

Colin Green