Elvis Presley

Elvis also played Framus

Documents now prove that even the "King of Rock ´n ´ Roll" owned and played Framus guitars. Many people have been well aware so far that he appreciated German guitars - such as the famous Isana, for example. Information from the NAMM Resource Center in Anaheim (California), an auction in London in September 2008, and a picture that we received from a German Elvis Presley Club verify that Elvis Presley owned and played no less than three different Framus guitars during his musical career, namely a 1950s Tango 5/57, a 1960s Riviera 5/54, and a 12 string Framus Western guitar.

There are two of these Elvis models (from the very same series) on display in the Framus Museum from the end of January. The presentation of the "Framus Elvis guitars" took place on 23rd January 2009.