Museum Tour

Guitars and Basses! Jazz, Rock and Pop History! Discover the world of Framus!

Below you can take a virtual tour of the Framus Museum in Markneukirchen, Germany. More than 200 instruments are waiting for you - from violins to electric basses and mandolins to banjos. Legendary names such as Attila Zoller, Bill Wyman and John Lennon appear throughout the museum - their own personal histories intertwined with that of Framus. Take a journey through time and discover the history of Framus.

Recently restored, the stately Framus Museum is located in the Adorfer Straße 25 in 08258 Markneukirchen.
The classic ‘Framus’ logo.
Step into the world of Framus through the turn-of-the-century-style first floor entrance.
Classic acoustic Framus instruments, like the 4/42 Professional de Luxe Contrabass, are on the first floor.
A showcase containing Billy Lorento guitars, which were made in cooperation with the very first Framus endorser in 1953. Who later became known as Bill Lawrence.
Vintage sound at its best: Framus Amps "Made in Germany".
Three of Attila Zolla's very own guitars, including his personal favourite.
A showcase containing the "Triumph E-Upright" bass, one of the first electric uprights ever made. And in the background, a showcase containing the Star Bass, made famous by Bill Wyman its first endorser.
The neo-baroque-style stained glass window in the stairway leading to the next floor.
Electric guitars from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s on the 1st floor.
Hot looking Semi-Hollow Body Electrics.
Nashville Series banjos and Akkerman guitars.
On the upper floor, four current Framus guitar models and a Warwick Bass are waiting to be tested by you.
Currently the museum is closed until further notice, there are no registrations for guided tours possible.
Concerts often take place on our upper floor-please look for dates and information in the news section of our homepage. The band “Paid Holiday” from Hungary playing laid-back.
We look forward to your next visit!