Double Bass

Heavy rumblers with legends

The double bass at Framus is a testament of instrument manufacturing tradition from the land of Schönbach. The traditional manufacturing was resumed with the development of the Erlangen region. There were the so-called master instruments, which were built by the likes of Anton Seifert, Georg Hellmer and Johannes Eberle.

Framus then started producing a simpler beginner and student model with laminated woods around 1955. The first main catalog mentions the double bass 4/10, an instrument with one cutaway. Later models followed like the Professional and the Spezial Jazzbass in 1955. An early Framus specialty was the jazz double bass or the double bass for dance orchestras.

Endorsers in the fifties were, among others, the Starlets, John Fischer of the Hans-Koller-Quintet and the legendary Oscar Pettiford.
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/10
concert model (Anton Seifert)
Model no.: 4/12
from 1972: 90408
soloist model (Walter Langer)
Model no.: 4/14
master double bass (Josef Wilfer)
Model no.: 4/16
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/3
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/30
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/35
Model no.: 4/36
students bass
Model no.: 4/36
Rhythm Model
Model no.: 4/38
from 1972: 90438
Rhythm de Luxe
Model no.: 4/39
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/40
Model no.: 4/41
from 1972: 90407
Du Luxe
Model no.: 4/45
Model no.: 4/45
double bass 3/4
Model no.: 4/5
orchestra model (built by Johannes Eberle)
Model no.: 4/7
from 1972: 90407
concert-model (built by Georg Hellmer)
Model no.: 4/8