Construction kits for John Q. Public

The Framus Frank fiddle was a fretted bowed instrument and was described in the advertisement brochure of 1974 as follows: “A modern bowed instrument, easy to learn, particularly suited for music at home or at school. Karl Frank, the master of violin and fiddle construction, lecturer in fiddle construction courses, the artist in fiddle playing, presents the finished fiddle and the fiddle construction kit, which is the result of decade-long experience, to all fiddle enthusiasts. Anybody can assemble his own 6-string soprano fiddle with the help of the supplied instructions."
viola d’amore
Model no.: 2/200
discant viol
Model no.: 2/210
alto viol
Model no.: 2/212
tenor viol
Model no.: 2/214
bass viol
Model no.: 2/216
3-string fiddle
Model no.: 2/230
5-string fiddle
Model no.: 2/232
5-string fiddle
Model no.: 2/234
Model no.: 90100
Model no.: 90101