Bowed Instruments

Handcrafted orchestra instruments

The Framus violins (1/...), violas (2/...), and cellos (3/...) listed here were available as single instruments, or as a complete set including bow, case, string, etc. Beyond that Framus offered around 15 different cases, just under 20 different violin bows, in addition each violin component - pegs, tailpiece, pins, fingerboard, chin rest, fine tuners, etc. - was available in many variants, as well as tuning forks and whistles, resin, and strings. A quote from the main catalog number 15, part 1 clarifies the immense scope of supply and the strong quality awareness of the manufacturer: "Violins available in the following sizes: 4/4, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 ". All violins are made of seasoned resonating woods. All models, their design and manufacturing are based on the originals of the master instruments. A diligent quality control before shipment guarantees easy playability."
Model no.: 1/10
Model no.: 1/12
Model no.: 1/120
Stradivarius (Johannes Eberle)
Model no.: 1/13
Model no.: 1/18
Stradivarius (Johannes Eberle)
Model no.: 1/20
Model no.: 1/23
Stradivarius or Guarnerius (Johannes Eberle)
Model no.: 1/25
Model no.: 1/26
Stradivarius or Guarnerius (Georg Hellmer)
Model no.: 1/28
Model no.: 1/3
Stradivarius (Georg Hellmer)
Model no.: 1/30
Stradivarius or Guarnerius (Anton Seifert)
Model no.: 1/33
Casparo da Salo
Model no.: 1/37
Stradivarius (Anton Seifert)
Model no.: 1/38
Stradivarius (Anton Seifert)
Model no.: 1/41
Stradivarius or Guarnerius (Walter Langer)
Model no.: 1/44
Model no.: 1/47
Amati- or Guarnerius-Copy (Walter Langer)
Model no.: 1/48
Model no.: 1/48
Testori-Copy o.a
Model no.: 1/49
Model no.: 1/5
Stradivarius o.a.
Model no.: 1/50
Stradivarius, Pedro Guarnerius o.a. (Josef Wilfer)
Model no.: 1/51
Master-Copy Stradivarius or Guarnerius
Model no.: 1/60
Original-Copy Stradivarius or Guarnerius
Model no.: 1/62
Master-Copy after Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu 1741 (Josef Wilfer)
Model no.: 1/63
Master-Copy after Antonio Stradivarius 1716 (Franz Josef Klier)
Model no.: 1/65
Master-Copy (Franz Josef Klier)
Model no.: 1/67
A completed Master-Copy (Franz Josef Klier)
Model no.: 1/68
Model no.: 1/7
Model no.: 1/8