Jaco Pastorius - a bass legend in Germany

Jaco Pastorius has given the bass guitar a voice and has made the four-string fretless a lead instrument. While he visited the bass player and producer Jan Jankeje in Stuttgart in the spring of 1996, he used a Framus S-380 bass guitar. Jaco came to Germany in 1985, where he stayed for six months, and lived and worked with Jankeje.
The bass was loaned to Jaco by the studio’s sound engineer, as he hadn’t brought an instrument of his own. Thus, the bass can be heard on the record "Broadway Blues".
Jan Jankeje discovered the bass on eBay a few years ago. It had been put up for auction by his former sound engineer. It was sold at a moderate price - it is very likely that the history of the bass guitar was only mentioned in the small print. Today, the bass can be viewed in the Framus Museum in Markneukirchen.

written on 24.10.2012


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