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Beatles´ Guitars on display in the FRAMUS MUSEUM
Beatles - "Back to Germany"!

Guitars from England complement Framus collection in
Markneukirchen/ Saxony

Rolling Stones´ bassist Bill Wyman or „German Elvis“ Peter Kraus are already well represented in the Framus Museum. From September 2008 onwards both, Paul McCartney´s Zenith 17 dating from 1957 and John Lennon´s Hootenanny from 1965 are on display in Markneukirchen/ Saxony.

The „Zenith 17“ and the „Hootenanny“ exhibited in the Framus Museum are the same models from the respective years of manufacture as those the Beatles used. The instruments which were actually used by the Beatles themselves and were owned by the Stars are traded at astronomically high prices. Nevertheless, even the same models are much sought-after collectibles for fans of the Beatles.

Paul McCartney´s very first guitar was a Zenith 17 which was actually manufacturered by Framus for the British company Boosey & Hawkes. He bought it for 14 pounds and 14 shillings. He just needed to modify the guitar as a left-hand instrument. Many famous songs were composed while he used the Zenith, for example „When I´m 64.“ He still owns this guitar and occasionally plays it.

John Lennon also used to play a Framus on the band´s heyday. During the Beatlemania period he got hold of a 12 string Framus Western guitar, model Hootenanny 5/024. He used it especially in 1965 for the „Help!“ sessions and for his ballad, „You´ve Got to Hide Your Love Away“.

The two instruments exhibited in the museum have also a very interesting story to tell. Incidentally, both guitars come from England, too. The Hootenanny belonged to a lead guitarist of a popular British cover band: Simon Davies of Dirty DC. And there is a second analogy: Mike - the previous owner -  modified the Hootenanny into a left hand instrument in 1965.



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