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Bill Lawrence alias Billy Lorento

Guest of honour on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Warwick company was the today 76-years-old Bill Lawrence alias Billy Lorento. The “King of Pickups" – today living in California – also didn't miss a visit of the Framus museum at this weekend. This was an extraordinary event for us and especially a historical moment, to be able to welcome Bill Lawrence in the Framus museum. After a short round across the exhibition, he immediately tested an actual guitar model - the Framus “Mayfield Custom" - in the attic story and inspired the audience.
And by the way: actually, there are four models available to try out for the museum visitors.
Bill signed a “5/120 Billy Lorento" for our museum – the guitar model named after him which he developed in 1953 in cooperation with Framus.

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