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Framus Goes Nashville

One of the biggest projects realised by Framus in its history, is tied to the buzz-word “Nashville“. This step became necessary, since the paths of Framus and the Philadelphia Music Company got separated in 1973. For this reason, Fred A. Wilfer started to build up an own direct distribution network. This task would be taken over by the affiliate “Framus of Nashville“.

Last but not least, a new product line belonged to that project. By the exclusive manufacturing of high-quality products, Framus wanted to gain a new image. Bill Lawrence, who cooperated with Framus since 1953 and manufactured pickups in the US, basically participated in this new orientation. Fread A. Wilfer visited Bill Lawrence in Kalamazoo and could convince him, to develop a new series of electric guitars and basses together with Framus. In order to execute this determined operation, extensive organisational changes as well as changes in the production became necessary. The new program could then be presented on the Frankfurter Messe in 1974. In cooperation with the Framus instrument builders, Bill Lawrence and numerous American musicians – last but not least Chet Atkins – the different instruments of the „Framus of Nashville Line“ were created, containing the solid-body guitars Nashville Standard, Nashville Standard de Luxe and Nashville Super de Luxe, as well as the Nashville electric basses Standard and Standard de Luxe.

It is unfortunate that the Nashville-project found its abrupt end, caused by the bankruptcy of the company in the summer of 1975. Solely the cooperation with Chet Atkins could have leveraged a resounding success for Framus on the US market.

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