Dating made easy
Since the end of 1959, semi-acoustic and full-resonance guitars show a plate in their body, which contains all necessary information to determine a Framus instrument:

  • Model number 5/59 = Sorella

  • Seriel No. 35062

    (doesn't contain any statement concerning the sequence of production; it is not possible to derive any information from this figure)

  • Tested by Müller

    (this is " in most cases " the signature of the master guitar-maker and final inspector of Framus, Richard Müller)

  • Stamp of the year of production 61I = 1961 September

    (Months are denoted from A-L, the letter M was partly used for the month of December)

Until approx. 1981, the year of production of Framus solid-body guitars and basses can be determined by a stamped number at the headstock.

  • Example: 48556-64 H = 1964 August

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