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You want to, have to, would like to? But of course, please ask! It doesn't matter if you're asking about old Framus instruments or our Framus Museum: Here we don't let the questions remain unanswered. We are committed to promptly clear up all inconsistencies and mysteries. We would also be delighted to receive any additional information regarding the contents of this website.

Please understand that it is possible to not be able to answer all questions right away. The product diversity of the old Framus factory was so extensive that it is often simply impossible to acquire a complete overview and to really know about all model variations and each unicum. Therefore it is sometimes possible that it takes some time until we went through all the archives and finally found the proof for the existence of a not-previously-known Framus mandolin with double bass body and octave strings.

Our list of Framus vintage instrument is updated and expanded daily. Ultimately it's also your questions that help complete this list.

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